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Working From Home Employment

Working from home is becoming more commonplace these days as the internet is increasingly used to help, and you could be the beneficiary of this. Here are some tips on how to avoid the pitfalls:

1: Look for work – don’t wait for it to look for you: this is important on two levels, the first being that you will find more work if you actively seek it, and the second that you will avoid any unsolicited schemes that are not what they may seem.

2: Never pay a fee up front – some sites that advertise opportunities will insist on a payment to register, yet these will offer the same jobs advertised elsewhere for free. Ignore those that ask for money, and look for the free sites which are generally paid for by the advertiser rather than the provider.

3: Use a system such as Escrow – this is where the client deposits a fee that can only be redeemed when the job is completed; it provides you with proof that he or she is serious, and with the security that the money is available.

4: Never give out your home address on the internet, and be careful with other aspects of your identity – identity fraud is a real problem and the threat is not exaggerated. If a client asks for this information, be wary as it is rarely necessary.

5: Word of mouth is the best way of getting on – a satisfied client will be willing to champion your ability to others, and can be trusted. Use this to your advantage.

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Employment Tips for Getting Your First Bartending

Dress Code

First impressions are created within the first ten seconds of meeting someone. Dress according to the bars dress code for bartenders. If a bar requires their bartenders to wear black and white, go to apply and interview in black and white. If a bar requires their bartenders to wear khaki pants and a golf shirt, apply in khaki pants and the same color shirt, etc. etc. You must look your best! You should be recently bathed, have your hair combed and clothes clean and pressed and be on time. This applies to the application trip, as well as the interview. If you do not look appropriate, you may not be asked back to interview.

To Apply

Take a copy of your resume, social security card and driver’s license. If your state requires a liquor serving permit, get on in advance. Some major hotels will ask for a background check. These are available at the police station, or courthouse for a minimum charge. Fill out the application completely and correctly. You may want to bring a written record of previous jobs, dates and references with you. Try to get your application to a manager. Do not leave it with the front desk or bartender.

The Interview

Get to the interview at least ten minutes early. Being late will usually cause a manger not to hire you. Don’t take a friend along to the interview. Don’t have a drink while waiting for the manager. Don’t smoke during the interview. Don’t judge a bar by its appearance. A busy bar generally means good tips. The only bad bar is a bar with no customers. Be positive and confident. Most experienced bartenders have confidence in themselves. You should too. Don’t make unreasonable demands on the bar manager. You need to be flexible and bend your schedule around the bar managers. Don’t make statements such and “I need to make at least $100.00 a night”. Don’t be too choosy in getting your first job. Take the job, see how much money you can make and get at least thirty days of on the job experience.

Follow Up

If a manager says they will call you back in two days, wait until the third day and call them to see if they have made a decision. Tell them you have been very busy and thought you may have missed their call. Be persistent. Bar managers get a lot of applications from many unqualified people. By being persistent, they know you really want to work for them. Eagerness is a good quality and may cause them to hire you. Be polite when calling bars back and understand that bar managers are juggling many tasks at once. You are not their main priority.

Tips For Finding A Great Job

Planning a move to a new area is always a challenge and doing so without a job lined up can make it even tougher. If you’re considering a move to a Jacksonville, Florida you’ll want to check out the major employers and plan your job search accordingly. It’s also good to know in advance who the major players are in any city. Start your job search at the top of your list and make sure you’ve researched the companies as much as possible.

Here are the current companies or industries providing the most employment in Jacksonville:

Naval Air Station
Naval Station in Mayport
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
Publix Distribution Center
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.
Baptist Health Systems
Mayo Clinic
Bank of America
St. Vincent’s Medical Center
Naval Air Depot
Shands Jacksonville Healthcare
Convergys Corp.
Merrill Lynch
Fidelity National Financial, Inc.
Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital and Clinics
Stein Mart Corp.
Southeast Toyota Distributors Division

When looking for a job in Jacksonville here are a few things to remember:

Don’t send out a generic resume that’s exactly the same to all companies. If you’ve worked in more than one industry, it’s a good thing to have a few completely different resumes. If nothing else, do a little tweaking to your resume depending on the type of job you’re applying for. This does not mean lying or exaggerating, but if the job calls for someone who has done accounts payable and you have, then make sure it’s one of the first things an employer will see when they look at your resume. Don’t focus on what a great chef you are if you’re applying for a job at a dog kennel! Make sure the relevant things you’ve done are highlighted and the irrelevant (no matter how wonderful) are downplayed or eliminated.

Focus your resume on accomplishments, not duties. Show what you have achieved while you were with past employers. Most organizations want to know how you can: Make them money, save them money, attract new customers, and help them keep current customers happy. Show how you specifically did one or all of those things.

Instead of applying to the huge generic job boards, try to apply to companies on their individual web pages. Sometimes, an old-fashioned resume and cover letter in the mail will get noticed, too.

Always remember to dress professionally for an interview and be positive. No one wants to hire someone who seems like they will be a drag to be around. Have a few questions prepared to ask about the company, it shows that you cared enough to take the time for some research beforehand.

Last but not least, try to network with others that work for the company you are applying to. If you know of anyone in the organization that can give you an introduction it will be a huge benefit to your chances of landing the job.

Self-Employment Tips

Many people has ventured into self-employment as a necessity due to the economic recession. Even though there is no guarantee to self-employment success, there are ways to increase the odds and feel comfortable. One of the important factors for success is doing something you understand and love doing.

Running a business of your own is a very hard job, it is therefore imperative that you like the business you will be performing. Loving your business is a crucial element for success. It could be very difficult to start a business or do something you know very little about. Before you start any business you must research and gain as much knowledge as possible about the field, then decide whether to pursue it or not.

Apart from reading books or articles on the internet, interview people who are already doing the business and relate to then either as mentor or role model. Be polite to them when interviewing them and with luck you might come across some who are willing and proud to talk about their business and their achievements.

Work Harder to be a Step a Head of Others

Self-employment is a hard work and the key to success may lie in working harder than others. One valuable asset is maintaining work ethic, this will help to effectively eliminate certain segment of your competitors. Discipline and self-motivation are important requirements for the self-employed.

You must learn to work smarter which also means work efficiently and this is derived from knowing yourself, know the time and condition when you are at your best. Some people are at their best with background noise while others function better in an atmosphere of complete silence.

Find the Least Expensive Way to do it

As a beginner you must find the least expensive way to do it without making cheap product. Make and sell a product you believe in because this will put you in a better position to defend and talk about it with passion. Research and find ways to perform on a budget.

Have a Monetary Cushion

Monetary Cushion help you through tough times and help you sleep better. One effective ways to build a cushion is to make sure your business does not live above its means and to do this you must determine the relative benefit of an action which often requires a capital expenditure. Be critical of hiring additional employees, purchasing some type of equipment or business services. Money made must be divided into categories, one for day-to-day expenses, one for ruining day, unforeseen cost and finally for lifetime savings and retirement.

Have Escape Route

This might be tough because no one wants to fail in his business, but it does happen sometimes. If your business is not working, count your losses and find something else to do that will generate income.

But as long as your business is generating an income worth the time and money invested in it, keep at it and continue to build on the little success, with more effort and persistence you will get there.

Employment Tips

It can be difficult to succeed in finding a job with the state the economy is currently in, especially when you are qualified enough to take on a higher paying position. Whether you’re looking for employment in the town in which you’re currently living, if you’re willing to commute, or if you want to work from home, there are a few tricks you can use to make finding jobs easier. Here, we’ll take a look at a few easy ways to boost your chances of getting a good job, regardless of where you’re looking.

If you’re looking for local jobs, there are more resources at your disposal than just the classifieds. Many cities now have job hosting websites that allow business to post new positions and job seekers to access these positions for free. Some job websites allow you to upload your resume for easy application, and the jobs listed can range from minimum wage employment to high-level management positions, freelance jobs to apprenticeships. Many of these job centers allow you to filter results by industry, pay level, and type or length of employment. Local job fairs often have a huge variety of positions available as well, and keeping up with these events through newsletters is a good way to have lots of available positions at your disposal.

If you want to work from home, the internet always has a variety of positions open from around the world, many of which allow you to telecommute, or send in your work electronically. Many of these jobs are on a freelance basis, but that isn’t to say that they can’t provide long term employment – while you are technically contracted and not a part of the company itself, some jobs will provide you with repeated projects for as long as you or the company desires. These jobs are frequently are in the areas pertaining to web development or marketing, and have positions for anyone skilled in programming, writing, graphic design, and marketing.

Having a solid resume is key to finding a job that matches your skills, and you should frequently update your resume with your new experience. Whether you are trying to find jobs online or locally, having a portfolio is a great way to showcase your work, especially if you are in one of the creative industries. There are various websites that allow you to store your work electronically, allowing you to easily organize hundreds of different articles or images into neat galleries.