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Tips to Help You Get Ahead in Public Relations Jobs

There are more career-advice articles on the internet than elsewhere. But sadly enough, most of them are not actually what you might be looking for. Here are some true tips that will surely help you zoom ahead in your public relations jobs. For freshers and graduates, this is a very crucial period in their lives. There is an air of uncertainty of jobs in the market for them because of the havoc created by recession. Thank god that things have again started to look up post recession.

Top Tip to Help You Race Ahead #1: Build on Your Strengths and minimize your weaknesses

One of the greatest weaknesses that a new comer in the PR industry may have is the lack of the requisite PR skills – at least that is what the corporate might think. But ever since the internet revolution began, generation gaps have thinned down and the crowd has become more hip and happening! That is evident from the kind of social networking that has taken everything by a storm! However, it is still important for people in the job to identify their mistakes and work on them, so that they can be minimized as much as possible.

Top Tip to Help You Race Ahead #2: Confidence is the Key for a PR job

Public relations professionals need to have confidence that is unparalleled elsewhere. It is also important for them to keep themselves motivated; self-motivation is the biggest confidence booster. It would be equally great if you could find a PR job that pays you well; you know, incentives are a great motivation!

Top Tip to Help You Race Ahead #3: Study! Study! Study!

It is time to take up the data sheets again because this is one of few jobs where you need to be as technically sound as being able to speak. In order to keep yourself updated, you have to understand the motto of the organization you’re working for and further refine your skills.

Top Tip to Help You Race Ahead #4: Refresh Your Skill set

Continuing from the previous tip, it is equally important to upgrade your skill set so that you’re not at a loss of communication power when the performance time comes. There may arise a case where the client is technically strong and demands the same from you; therefore it is very important to do your homework before meeting a client. You have to give it your best shot in satisfying your client because it is you, who will be communicating on behalf of the organization.

Top Tip to Help You Race Ahead #5: Get a Blog

Blogging helps in more ways than one. First, it helps prepare a base for you to attract comments (meaning more people). If you’re a good and avid blogger, there is no denying the fact that you will have better followers. And with public relation jobs, you know the kind of help your followers will generate when needed! The world has become very small – thanks to the internet.

Employment Tips

Are you in need of a job or looking for work?

The more ways you attempt to find a job, the greater you increase your chances of landing one!
You can look at advertised vacancies online, read through your local newspaper, get friends to help by asking around or maybe try cold calling companies you’d like to work for.

Job Vacancies Online

There are many job vacancy websites available to use online. Some sites list a variety of vacancies where others list vacancies for specific industries.

Many companies list on job vacancy websites however most will post listings on there own websites as well. If you have a company in mind that you would like to work for, it is a good idea to check out their home website first to see if any vacancies are available.

Check Local Newspapers

Most major newspapers issue a daily paper & have a weekly employment issue that advertises jod ads & vacancies. Papers with a weekend addition will often have a large employment section attached.

Using Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies advertise their job vacancies in newspapers, on their own website & on larger employment websites as well. You will need to register with each individual recruitment agency in order to apply for their situations vacant. Registration is usually free because the recruitment agencies are paid by the employers.

Recruitment agencies are often known to contact you via phone or email about other jobs that they think will be suited to you. These agencies are an effective way to access jobs that are not advertised publicly.

Contacting Employers Directly

Cold calling employers will allow you to find positions that are not publicly advertised, increasing your chances of landing a job. Many of these jobs are filled by friends & relatives of current employees or people who have taken the initiative to contact the employer directly. Approaching an employer directly will allow you to target jobs that are in your industry of interest & often lead to a variety of employment opportunities.

Other Places to look for Job Vacancies

Professional & industry journals are a good resource to check through for job vacancies & can be purchased, borrowed from libraries or downloaded on the Internet.

Career fairs & expos are run by universities, recruitment agencies & industries where employers provide career options & information about job opportunities. You can apply for positions, take flyers & talk to representatives, so be sure to take along a few copies of your CV & prepare for any impromptu interviews.

Employment Tips For the 21st Century

Getting a job is easy if you know how to. Employment, however is becoming a rare commodity in many sections of society and with so many firms having to close down, securing employment is not easy. And it isn’t getting any easier.

If you want to survive in the 21st century marketplace, you need to take a much wider view of your career path. In the past, people tended to have one career for their entire working lives and often stayed in the same job too. Recently, the majority of people will have discovered that they have to change careers frequently.

But with the recession, even changing your career is not enough to guarantee job security, as many of the newly unemployed are finding. And if you are facing the possibility of being laid off, you could soon be one of them. You will need to find a way of earning a regular income as soon as possible and chances are you can’t afford to retrain anyway. And if you could retrain, what if that industry goes bust as well?

You want to secure your future and the future for your children, but it looks as if just looking for a job is not a solution. So what is the answer?

The answer involves several steps.

Step #1

The first step is to improve your skills so that you are well qualified for a number of different jobs. And of course, you have to make sure that those skills are in high demand and likely to be for the foreseeable future. You can do this by reading about the jobs which will experience growth in the next decade.


Learn how to write an impressive resume and cover letter. And how to customize your application for each job you apply for. Too many people make the mistake of creating a vague, generic resume and sending it to dozens of employers. But your application must stand out and the only way to do this is to tailor it to the job in question.

Step #3

Branch out when it comes to searching for a job. Go beyond the traditional job hunting methods of checking the classifieds and online job boards. Consider approaching companies directly and build a network of contacts to help you.


The next step is to find a way of creating passive income, that is, find an income stream which, once you have set it up, will continue to bring in a regular sum of money with very little effort on your part. For most people, this will take the form of a small business. It is very important to realize that you need to put in a lot of effort to set it up initially. But once everything is in place, only some maintenance should be needed. So it is important to choose a business which fits this model.

Step #5

Develop a portfolio career. This just means having more than one source of income and can be a mixture of part time jobs, contract work and self employment. It’s a good way to recession proof your career, as it means you aren’t relying on one full time job for an income.

Marketing Employment

It is easy to find marketing employment since there is no scarcity of marketing jobs in the market. However, you need to follow some lucrative procedure which will land you a job. A good method to hunt for marketing jobs is through social networking sites. In this article, you will get tips how to go about it.

Tips on how hunt for marketing employment on social networking sites:

• Use the face book business page: when you are using face book for professional purposes, you need not share your personal space with anyone with whom you have a professional equation. For this reason, go to the privacy page and customize your pictures to friends only. More importantly, certain pictures, status messages, and comments can destroy your chances of getting a job. You can even customize the settings so that selected people in your fried list can access your pictures etc.

• Use face book to show your professional side: face book can be accessed even via Google. Several employers who recruit through the internet can access your information by looking from Google directly.

• You can create your own blog in your face book page: you can collect your thoughts about a particular brand or something of the kind and can create your blog on the page. This will bring you under close notice of people who are associated with the brand. If your interests match, you might land yourself a job in the company.

• Send invitations and promote your page by the help of your friends: ask your friends to “like” your page and also to suggest the page to many people. You can also upload messages and tag your friends, thus involve your friends. if you can properly do so, you can very well gain a marketing employment through Facebooking.

• Make use of face book advertisements: there are lots of advertisements on face book. These can bring you exposure. Marketing employment opportunities come about through face booking.

• Use twitter as a marketing employment agency: Twitter can also be used in a similar manner such as face book to generate marking employment.

• Are you on LinkedIn? If you think that networking on LinkedIn is useless since it is outdated, you are wrong. Marketing employers can access your account by finding you out in LinkedIn. The career information that you upload can be very easily accessed through this site.

• You need to ensure that you upload a catchy professional headline in the sites: your headline will be a way to identify you, identify the job that you belong to and also identify the kind of commitment you have towards your work.

• Last but not the least – try to include as many people as you can from the same profession: they will come to know about your interests from your profile and in cases of marketing vacancies, they will inform you. You never know from where you might get an opportunity. So don’t leave ant stone unturned.