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Top Expensive Books Known In History

By and large, the books industry is quite a healthy one, irrespective of your reading preferences. When you further factor the bit that as per the industry experts, this is one industry that is showing signs of hitting sales volumes of up to $123 billion in sales as per the forecasts, you see the fact that this is actually a reality that is all but awaiting fulfillment in the days to come.

Going forward, it is a challenge thrown for you to consider that if at all you thought that you were paying so much for books, then the facts below will sure challenge you to reconsider what you have so far held to. The following lines will give you an insight into some of the most expensive books ever written and purchased by consumers around the world.

One of these is the book, Codex Leicester. This masterpiece by one Leonardo da Vinci is actually priced at values as high as 30.8 million US dollars. If at all you are wondering what it is in the book that makes it such a pricey and high valued piece of literary work, then consider first the fact that this is one piece that was actually handwritten by da Vinci himself and as such is known to be one of the most sought pieces of historical documents of a personal kind that you can ever come across. Some of the areas covered in the book include such as information on fossils, the theories on astrology and some idealistic reflections. Actually looking at these, if you would wish to have it for yourself, you would not mind paying the price. Popular philanthropist and founder of the Microsoft foundation, Bill Gates, had for himself a copy of this book and as a matter of fact it has been a sure source of inspiration for some of the ideas hes had on his productions.

The other work of writing that would be worthy of a mention in this series is the book titled First Folio as well done by world renowned author, William Shakespeare. In actual sense, First Folio has actually cost as high as $6 million for purchase. While it is a reality that one can actually lay hands on some copies of First Folio online from outlets such as Amazon or Just Kindle Books, the fact is that there is an original copy of the book still surviving and you can get this at auctions at values as high as hitting the 6 million dollar values as have been in past auctions.