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Guidelines for Creating a Prosperous Relationship with Your Mentor

It is alright to charge metal at different points of your life to maintain a healthy relationship with the former mentors. For a mentorship relationship to help the mentee to succeed in whatever they are aiming at, the relationship has to be healthy. Develop a beneficial relationship with your mentor using the following tips.

You can only find someone to help you achieve your goals if you know exactly what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. A mentor cannot set goals for you because that will be imposing on you their opinions of who you should become, but you will not be working towards what you believe you want to be.

Established the obstacles have been standing in your way. Due to the hindrances that you have been going through, they have made you look for a support system. When you visit the doctor you have to explain the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing for the doctor to diagnose the disease and offer your prescription and that is the same thing that happens when you are with your mentor.

Identify the areas of knowledge, expertise, and skills that you need to acquire for you to conquer the obstacles that you’re facing. You will be in a better position to connect yourself to a person who has the knowledge, expertise, and skills that you need when you know the knowledge, expertise, and skills that you are lacking.

The appropriate person to mentor you use the one who is successful in the area that you will need mentorship. A mentor who is struggling in the area that you need mentorship will put more concentration on their struggles more than yours because in the first place the person also needs a mentor.

Become a member of organizations, clubs and business associations that have people who share common views, ideas, opinions and more with you. People open up to those who are close to them, therefore you need to get close to like-minded people for they will be more willing to share their experiences for you to learn from and provide you with alternative solutions to your problems. Volunteer and actively participate in the activities of these organizations for you to develop friendships with them.

Attract people to you by developing and appealing image of yourself before them through excellent communication skills and etiquette. Your communication skills and level of etiquette will prove to the people if you have had a good or bad upbringing and whether you belong to their class or not. Identify a potential mentor and be courageous enough to initiate conversations with the person for advice and take their contacts to book an appointment for more discussion later.

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