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How does Nurse to Patient Ratio affect Seniors

Nurse to patient ratio maybe generally described as the number of nurses who are working at any given time in relevance to the number of residents. In most instances nurses tend to be under paid and their roles in the health sector under looked. The reason why nurses are highly needed in this area is the fact that it the patients or rather senior need care which is best given by the nurses. Besides the low qualification such scenarios lead to over working of the real nurses causing burnout. In this blog the impacts of the nurses to patient ratio are clearly discussed.

To start with one of the ways in which nurse to patient ratio affect seniors is over working of the nurses. Over working of nurses is therefore the state in which nurses tend to work more than they are required. In any case when a worker is overworked they tend not deliver as desired this is because they are tired and their concentration level is low. If a nurse experiences burn out they may tend to devalue their work in this case they may do the work just for the sake of doing it leading to issue lie intentional negligence on the side of the seniors.

Seniors are also negatively impacted by the low nurse to patient ratio by constant change of nurses and caregivers. Staff turnover is usually high especially when the worker is underpaid and underappreciated. Resignations by nurses affect seniors as they are left on the hand of under qualified personnel who may interfere with their healing processing.

The third way in which nurse to patient ratio affect the seniors is by receiving care from unqualified staff. The fact that the nurses tend to be overworked and made to attend to a large number of patients the standard at which they render their services may drop. When no care is given at all the family of the patient of senior in a residential home may force to look for private facilities which may be very expensive.

Finally, another impact of the nurse to patient ratio is creation of wrong mentality about the nursing career. The mortality rate among the senior tend to increase as the level of care drops. People tend to look down upon the elderly especially in cases where they cannot afford to take them to good nursing homes making their self-esteem drop which leads to their sudden deaths increasing their mortality levels. All stake holders should therefore look into the ratio of nurse to patient to improve conditions to our seniors in residential homes.