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Nest’s microphones facts

The nest is an electronic producing company in America. Electronics produced by Nest Company include thermostats, smoke detectors, and cameras. All nest’s electronics have microphones. Microphones in nest’s devices are for different uses. Users of nest devices feel that their privacy is tempered with because of the microphones in the devices. Google failed to indicate the presence of the microphones in the devices which made the people feel unsafe. People have myths about the nest’s microphone. Below are some of the tips about the nest’s microphones which people should know to stop the misconceptions.

Alarms in nest’s devices are checked if they are working by the nest’s microphone. A microphone is present in a smoke detector. A smoke detector tests the availability of smoke in the surrounding. An alarm is raised by a smoke detector when smoke is available in the environment. The alarm goes off and a sound is produced indicating the presence of smoke. The nest’s microphone measures the quality of the alarm and sound produced by the smoke detector. The microphone should be active only when the tests are taking place.

Information recorded by the nest’s microphones is not sent anywhere. Personal information recorded by the microphones in the different devices remains in the device. Recorded information is not made accessible to Google or nest servers. Accessibility of nest servers is limited to temperature, information about certain substances and instances of alarm. All the nest servers can access the accessible information. Information recorded by nest devices, therefore, remains personal.

One can be able to turn on and off the microphone on the nest device. Guidelines on how to use the nest’s microphone are not provided in their website. Camera guidelines contain guidelines on how to use the microphone since the camera and the microphone are used together. Tapping on the camera settings makes it possible to access the microphone. Switching on and off of the microphone is made possible after one accesses it.

Nest’s microphone acts as a control tool during visual recording by the camera. Audio recording happens during visual recording by the camera. Audios are heard when one is watching a recorded video. Nest’s microphone is the device that records the audios. Audio recording only happens when the microphone is on. Switching off the microphone makes audio recording impossible. A nest’s microphone is used in audio sound production during a visual camera recording and watching. The importance of nest’s microphone is seen in the points above. One needs to read the points above to understand the microphones in nest’s devices and avoid the different misconceptions.