Working From Home Employment

Working from home is becoming more commonplace these days as the internet is increasingly used to help, and you could be the beneficiary of this. Here are some tips on how to avoid the pitfalls:

1: Look for work – don’t wait for it to look for you: this is important on two levels, the first being that you will find more work if you actively seek it, and the second that you will avoid any unsolicited schemes that are not what they may seem.

2: Never pay a fee up front – some sites that advertise opportunities will insist on a payment to register, yet these will offer the same jobs advertised elsewhere for free. Ignore those that ask for money, and look for the free sites which are generally paid for by the advertiser rather than the provider.

3: Use a system such as Escrow – this is where the client deposits a fee that can only be redeemed when the job is completed; it provides you with proof that he or she is serious, and with the security that the money is available.

4: Never give out your home address on the internet, and be careful with other aspects of your identity – identity fraud is a real problem and the threat is not exaggerated. If a client asks for this information, be wary as it is rarely necessary.

5: Word of mouth is the best way of getting on – a satisfied client will be willing to champion your ability to others, and can be trusted. Use this to your advantage.

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